I'm a father of two lovely boys and am living and working as a painter in Perth, WA, Australia. Ever since I can remember I have drawn and painted and told people when I grow up I want to be an artist. It started when I was three years old and scribbled throughout Mums, not quite out of reach, phone-pad. Reinforced itself when I completed my BA - Fine Art Painting from the Victorian College of the Arts and continues to this day.

I mainly work with oil paint on canvas applied with palette knives and brushes. My second favourite combination of mediums being watercolours and ink on heavy paper. The main themes that I love to paint and explore in my work is Beachscapes, Cityscapes, Cafe scenes and Boat Marinas. This is mainly completed using an Impressionistic approach to appearance, I also experiment in a geometric heavy style borrowing from cubism. People play an important part in my work and are as important as the landscape they find themselves in, this allows me to create narrative and direction for the flow through the image.

In 1996 while completing my year 12 education and preparing for university it became apparent that I would require an adult sized portfolio to be able to compete against other adults and graduates for a position at The Victoria College of the Arts. With much help from my year 12 teacher Michael Bowden I was successful at getting in straight out of Secondary School at the age of 17. Some of my tutors were Victor Majzner, Kim Donaldson, Jan Murray, Philip Hunter and Jon Campbell to name a few. My portfolio also gave me the opportunity to get a painting into the National Gallery of Victoria exhibit : Starting out: VCE Top Cats in 1997. In the years to follow I had my work in various group exhibitions mostly held in artist run spaces in Fitzroy and Brunswick in Melbourne along with group shows held at the VCA.

In 2005 my family and I moved to Perth and I started to sell my work online with the intention of reaching a wider audience and have greater control over subject matter. In 2006 I began working full time as an Artist. In the last 12 years I have attempted to better understand why I do what I do and choose the things that I paint, and endeavour to connect to my ideas in a stronger way. I’ve strived to improve my technique every day over the years and continue to, as I have a long way still to go.

I hope you enjoy my paintings and thanks for looking.